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Since 1966, NMC Time Machines has specialized in the line of a variety of Time Based Systems like Digital Time Displays, Token Display Systems, Attendance Time Recording Systems, Digital Security Systems, PLCs, and Announcing Systems for railways.

Since 2005 we have been manufacturing maintenance-free  ‘Plug & Play’ System, Auto-reset GPS TOWER CLOCKS, up to 20 feet diameter. Our unique ‘Plug & Play’ System zero maintenance Auto-reset GPS Clocks have been designed indigenously, specially for Railways and Defence installations where time accuracy and reliability is a vital requirement. The unique feature is that these clocks don’t need any maintenance, no need to set time at all.Time gets set automatically as soon as power is connected; while ordinary GPS clocks, even with battery back-up, need manual setting every time there is long power break when the backup batteries get drained.

All the products are guaranteed for 24 Months against material or manufacturing defects.   

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